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Put a new product on the market?  

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Outsource production?

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Manage stock and storage?

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Ruiten Foodpack, your specialist in customised productions.

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Put a new product on the market?  

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There’s no such thing as ‘can’t be done’! That has been the philosophy of this family firm for over 130 years. We specialise in blending, filling, pasteurising and packaging pickles, fruit, delicatessen and liquid foodstuffs such as sauces sustainably in glass, PET and HDPE packaging. An experienced contract packer with a passion for what we do and a wealth of expertise in conserving products. Tried and tested expertise that we are keen to put to good use to your advantage.

Whether you want to put a new product on the market, to outsource production, or are looking for a contract packer who can also take over the purchasing and/or storage of your ingredients, packaging materials and finished products. We will help you think about all of this and can always find a suitable solution to meet your needs.